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Private Pilots License PPL:

If you are just starting out with flying then the Private Pilot's License, PPL for short, is for you. For those pilots who want to take flying further, this is considered to be the first step towards your flying career. After completing this license type, the sky is the limit, and further training can lead to you becoming a commercial pilot, airline pilot, instructor, or even a top-dresser. The PPL offers you great freedom, allowing the use of an aircraft as you might your car. For full technical details on this license type please see our resources page, or visit www.caa.govt.nz and search for AC61.

There are a couple of things you should be aware of if you are thinking of taking the plunge and heading down the path of PPL training. The the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires that you must be at least 16 years old to begin training for a PPL. Also, you should be reasonably proficient in English as this is the international language of aviation. Lastly, you will need to obtain a class 2 medical certificate. This is a relatively simple procedure and we can recommend a doctor who can do this for you. Again, please see further details on the resources page.

Once you start your training the CAA requires that you have a minimum of 50 hours flying under your belt before you can graduate as a Private Pilot. This includes at least 15 hours of dual and solo flying respectively, 5 hours of instrument flying, 5 hours of advanced dual and 10 hours of cross-country. If you want to fly at night then you simply add another 5 hours for night flying, easy! The CAA also requires you to sit multi-choice type tests in the following subjects: Flight Radiotelephony; Air Law; Air Navigation & Flight Planning; Meteorology; Human Factors; and Aircraft Technical. An oral English test must also be passed. For more comprehensive information on the PPL syllabus please see our 'PPL prospectus' and 'PPL costs' documents.

If this all sounds a bit tricky then don't worry, our instructors will be happy to walk you through the requirements and answer any questions you may have, just give us a call or drop by the hangar. There are many options, as an example you can leave off the night flying and cross country syllabus, however, this will of course be reflected on your license. If you think that all sounds a little rushed, then remember that a pilots license with Swanair will always be done at a pace which you find comfortable. The above flight hours are just the minimum requirements. Most students take around 60 hours to complete the full syllabus.

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